The first step in our action plan is to analyze your current business. During our onboarding process, we will not only ask you the important questions  to understand your business and customers, but we will also conduct an assessment of your current digital marketing and assets. Once we analyze, discover, and define particular pain points, potential problems, or opportunities for growth, we begin the brainstorming process. Our Agency puts great emphasis on understanding your business on a deeper level. Combined with our experience in various industries, this will enable us to create a unique growth strategy that utilizes both traditional time-tested methods as well as modern, cutting-edge tactics. The planning stage ends with laying out a laser-targetted approach. 


Once we have a plan in mind, it is time to begin laying out the digital foundation for your campaign. Making beautiful websites and landing pages that fit your vision isn’t all we do; we continually monitor and optimize those landing pages to generate the most conversions possible while ensuring a sound user experience. Whether it’s choosing the perfect color combination or the right number of words for your next business page post, we stay-up-to-date with what’s working and delivering results in the digital realm. In addition to creating engaging content that resonates with customers, we utilize premium software tools to monitor KPIs, user data, and other metrics in order to strengthen your ability to connect with and impress your customers. 




It doesn’t matter if you need a brand new website or some additions to your current one- we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, we believe automation enables us to work smarter, not harder. Implementing cost-saving and time-efficient automation where possible is sure to save you money and reduce errors and missed opportunities. We bring smart solutions to your doorstep and show you how to use them effectively. Creating custom chatbots to connect with your customers, automatically emailing new leads for your business, and tracking your website visitors are just small examples of what Mint can do for you. Minor updates or major projects require a team that has the necessary skills to execute properly, and Mint has everything you need and more. 

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